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Laporta Blasts Real Madrid for Accusing Barcelona in Negrera Case

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Barcelona president Joan Laporta set fire to Real Madrid over a ruling against them amid accusations that Barça had paid a financial bribe to a company owned by Enriques Negrera, the former deputy chairman of the refereeing committee of the Spanish Football Federation.

And the Spanish prosecutor’s office has previously officially condemned the existence of huge amounts of money paid by Barça to the former deputy chairman of the arbitration committee, José Negrera, in order to obtain arbitration awards in favor of the blaugrana.

Laporta spoke during a press conference to discuss the development of Negrera’s case, saying: “We have come to clarify issues related to FC Barcelona that are not relevant to the case. This club was a model of fair play and high sporting values.”

He continued: “When the media debate started about the Negrera case. We were sure it was a campaign against Barcelona and it was no accident. However, we opened an investigation through an independent company and now we can tell you the details of this case.”

Laporta sets fire to Real Madrid over Barcelona accusations in Negrera case

He continued, “We have all the details of all the bills we pay. I can guarantee all the operations that we have carried out, at least during my tenure as club president.

He emphasized: “Justice itself said they had no evidence that we bought the rulers. Nobody can prove anything because there is absolutely nothing.”

And he added: “FC Barcelona has never engaged in suspicious activity in order to obtain an arbitration privilege to win any title.”

“No one has found any evidence,” said Juan Laburna, president of the Catalan club.

And he explained: “We have received reports regarding referees from a technical point of view, and all of them are entered with full reliability in the club’s reports.”

He added: “Perhaps some people have used this file to commit illegal activities. If this is proven, we aim to continue the investigation to the end.”

And he understood: “We will continue to succeed and work, and all this thanks to the players, thanks to the staff of the club, and also thanks to the participants and fans.”

He added, “When we win, we celebrate together, when we lose, we congratulate the winner and don’t look for excuses. These are our values.”

And he continued: “There is a team that complained about this problem and declared injustice. I’m talking about Real Madrid. But throughout history, he has benefited a lot from arbitral awards and has been close to the system. For 70 years, members or former players of Real Madrid have been in charge of the refereeing system in the country.

And he added: “We will not obey Tebas or the League. We aim to make the best selection in the Super League.”

He added: “Real Madrid joining this campaign and claiming it has been unfairly arbitrated is a big joke.”

He concluded: “What Real Madrid have done is very bad. I hope that they will be exposed during the trial and the case will be turned against them.”

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