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Laporta Launches Scathing Attack on Real Madrid After Barcelona Referee Bribing Scandal

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Joan Laporta, President of Barcelona, ​​has been attacking everyone in connection with allegations against his club in cases of corruption and bribery during the last period, especially after Real Madrid turned against Barca.

Prosecutor’s Office of Spain barca In the case of corruption and providing suspicious amounts of money to José María Negrera, former vice-president of the refereeing committee of the Spanish Football Federation.

It is worth noting that there are several press reports indicating that the Catalan club is in danger of being banned from the European Championships or relegated to the second division because of these allegations.

Laporta insulted Real Madrid with shocking statements following the Barcelona referee bribing scandal.

“I really want to meet all the bastards who dirty our shield,” said the head of the Camp Nou castle.

He continued: “Barcelona’s reputation can’t be bought or sold, but it doesn’t get dirty either. I want to capitalize on the fact that people who love the club come together. There have been several vicious attacks to tarnish our reputation with deeds that nothing to do with reality.”

He concluded: “You can be sure that the board of directors, of which I have the honor of chairman, will defend the organization with all their might and they will fail to achieve their goals because the leaders of Barcelona represent our values ​​and feelings, and this manifests itself in our blood.

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