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Lawmaker Resigns from Parliament: Former UK Prime Minister Johnson

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Former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he’s making progress down as an MP from Parliament after he was told he would be punished for Misleading the legislature body.

Gone with a fierce tirade on his politics opponents – and in his successor, Rishi Sunak – that could lead to open tensions within the ruling Conservative Party.

Johnson resigned after receiving it results of An investigation by lawmakers into misleading statements made For Parliament on the “Party Gate”, prof series of rule-broke down government parties during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a lengthy resignation statement, Johnson charged opponents of tries to drive for him out — and hinted that his volatile political life might not be the case over Until now.

“It is very sad that I am leaving Parliament – at least for Now,” he said.

Johnson, 58, said he had received a letter from the Privileges Committee saying this clear – to my surprise – they are so determined use procedures against Me too drive I out of Parliament.”

He contacted his investigative committee – which includes members from both government And opposition parties – “Kangaroo Court”.

Their goal from the start was to convict me, regardless of Johnson said.

I’ll resign trigger a special Election to replace Johnson as deputy for A seat in a suburb of London in the home of Commons.

Johnson, whose career has seen A.J series of Scandals and comebacks led the Conservatives to a landslide victory in 2019 but he had to out on his own party Less than three years later.

He was waiting for the result of investigation by the council of Commons Standards Committee over Misleading statements made Parliament about a large number of gatherings in government buildings in 2020 and 2021, which violated the epidemiological closure rules.

The police eventually issued 126 fines over Late night parties, wild parties and “Friday wine time”, incl one According to Johnson, the scandal helped hasten the end of his premiership.

Johnson admitted misleading parliament when he assured lawmakers that no rules It was broken, but he said he didn’t do it on purpose.

He told the committee that he “sincerely believed” the Five events attended, including sending-off for An employee and his surprise birthday partyIt was legal work Gatherings” that aim to boost morale among overworked employees with a deadly pandemic.

The committee was expected to publish its report in the next A few weeks, and it could be Johnson faced Comment from home of Commons if found to deliberately lie.

By resigning he avoids a suspension which could have led to his removal from his seat in the House of Commons by his constituents, leaving him free to run for Parliament again in the future. His resignation statement indicated that he was considering it option. it was loud critical of altar, who He held the position of head of the treasury in Johnson government before jumping ship with a lot of others colleagues in July 2022 – Johnson forced resignations out.

Johnson took aim at Sunak, who It was chosen by the conservatives in october to install government after terms of Johnson and his successor, Liz Truss, for a brief period, who Has stepped up down after six Weeks when its policies to cut taxes caused financial disturbance.

Johnson claimed that “When I left office last year the government It was just a bunch of points behind in The election. This gap has now widened dramatically.”

Ratings entered conservative polls decline during the disturbances final Months of Johnson term And they did not heal. Polls regularly put the opposition Labor Party at 20 points or more Before. a national Elections must be held by the end of 2024.

Just a few years after winning the largest majority in barely half a centuryObviously, that majority is now at risk, Johnson said party He urgently needs to regain his senses of Momentum and his belief in What can this country do?

Johnson resigned hours After King Charles III rewarded dozens of His faithful allies and allies with Knighthood and other honors, a political tradition for former prime Ministers who made cries of favoritism from opponents of The deposed leader.

Johnson’s dramatic exit is latest – But maybe not last – the chapter in job of extremists. The wrinkled, Latin-speaking populist with wiper of Blond hair held key positions, including Mayor of London, however also spent periods on Political margins before Brexit push him to the top.

Johnson’s bullish boost helped convince 52% of Britons vote To leave the European Union, and it was elected prime minister in 2019 on He pledged to “finish Brexit”.

was less suitable for hard work of Judgment, the plague – that landed Johnson in intensive care with COVID-19 – was groundbreaking challenge. Johnson government won approbation for Its rapid introduction of the vaccine, but the UK also king one of the highest Corona Virus death fees in Europe and some of longest shutdowns.

the final The straw came when the details came out of Parties held in Johnson Downing Street office And home While the state in Close. “Partigate” caused Anger prompted the Conservative Party to finally oust its winning but eccentric leader.

Angela Rayner, Deputy Leader of The opposition Labor Party responded to Johnson’s resignation with: “Enough is enough.”

“British public are sick back teeth of This never ending Tory play is played out at their expense.”

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