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Lionel Messi causes Barcelona star to near exit.

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Argentine star Lionel Messi, a Paris Saint-Germain player, has become the talk of the town in the current period after his name was rumored among Barcelona fans about his return to the team.

Messi’s return to the Catalan club means the departure of some of the team’s stars due to the financial fair play law enforced by the Spanish League.

It is worth noting that Leo has a contract with Paris Saint-Germain that expires in June 2023.

The Barcelona star is close to leaving because of Lionel Messi.

According to journalist Javi Meghi, Frank Kessy is in danger of leaving Barcelona next season.

The player’s contract with the Catalan club runs until 2026 and he enjoys the confidence of Barca’s technical staff led by Javi Hernandez.

However, the source indicated that the potential arrival of Messi and Gandogan in the upcoming period brings Barça closer to sacrificing Kessi’s services in the upcoming period.

The source confirmed that the Catalan club, led by Joan Laporta, set the player’s sale price at 30/25 million euros.

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