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Lionel Messi’s Father Exposes the Shock Behind His Son’s $600 Million Demand from Al-Hilal

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Jorge Messi, the father of Argentine star Lionel, Paris Saint-Germain player, has revealed the fact that the player requested 600 million euros from Al Hilal Saudi Arabia.

Some reports indicated that Lionel asked Al Hilal for €600m to join the Saudi club soon.

It is worth noting that the Argentine star has a contract with Paris Saint-Germain that expires in the summer of 2023.

Urgent.. Messi’s father reveals the truth about Lionel’s request for 600 million from Al-Hilal

Jorge, the father of the Argentine star, answered many questions regarding the player in the current period.

And sources have indicated that Leo left Paris Saint-Germain’s training for no reason last Tuesday, in addition to requesting 600 million euros from Al-Hilal.

He also responded to Paris Saint-Germain’s refusal to grant Lionel’s requests anytime soon.

Jorge said through his personal account via Instagram: “Dangerous false news.”

He continued, “Fake news, how long will the lie continue? Where is the evidence, everything is wrong.

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