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London police officers dismissed for sending offensive WhatsApp messages

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The serving officers and six former colleagues He was found sinner of Terrible misconduct over discriminatory messages they shared in WhatsApp groupincluding some information about British superstar Katie Price disabled sonand were fired from their jobs on Friday after the hearing.

some of the “discriminatory And offensive” Messages made joking of Harvey Price, Price 20-year-old son Harvey who He has Prader-Willi syndrome and autism.

“I was shocked and deeply ashamed to read what you wrote offensive The letters sent by these officers, I totally condemn them behaviorCommander John Savile, director of said the Metropolitan Police Professional Command.

“I sincerely apologize to everyone who Received such horrific and disgusting texts. The audience will reel more Officers who committed such horrible acts,” Savile added.

session on Thursday found that Glenn Reese and Dave Silway violated police standards of professional behavior in Regarding equality and diversity, authority, respect, courtesy, and challenging and reporting inappropriate and discreditable behaviour.

An investigation into WhatsApp messages has been launched in March 2021, and it was found that more More than 6,000 messages have been sent in the past Two years high score included offensive Comments about no of Societies and individuals and colleagues.

Officers will now be included on the college of Police Prohibited List, according to the Metropolitan Police. one can not work for Police, PCCs, Independent Office for Police Conduct, HM Inspectorate of Police, fire and rescue services if on the list.

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