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Macron tarnishes the image of a restaurant in southern France

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Peña Pil Pil, a restaurant in the south of France, has experienced a sharp drop in ratings and a flood of negative comments online following a visit by President Emmanuel Macron, according to France Bleu.

During his tour of the Eyre region in southern France on Thursday, Macron stopped at the Peña Pil Pil restaurant in Birol for a beer on the terrace. Since then, the restaurant has been bombarded with negative comments and poor ratings on the Google platform.

After Macron’s visit, the restaurant’s rating on Google fell from 5/5 to 1.6/5 in a few hours. Among the comments that appeared in the last hours were: “The attendance here is very bad, the tyrants of France have been seen”, “Too much noise from the pots”, “The food is good, but this maniac ruined everything.”

April surprise visit by Emmanuel Macron restaurant Basque Peña Pil de Perols de judi April 20, 2023, l’établissement croule sous les lauvais commentaires et sa note sur Google s’effondre, passant de 5/5 to 1,6/5 en l’espace de quelques heures.

— Verlaine (@__Verlaine__) April 22, 2023

This is a bouquet. Visibility on ne pardonne plus aucun écart.
La note Google du restaurant Basque Peña Pil Pil a Perol, pre-de-Montpellier, meeting place of President Macron, for pause bière en terrasse, à l’occasion d’un déplacement dans l’Hérault jeudi April 20th.

– ????Sined Warrior???????? (@SinedWarrior) April 22, 2023

A waiter named Vincent said that the president’s visit came as a complete surprise to them, and added: “We did not know that the president would come to us … but we cannot refuse to receive the president or the minister.”

During a visit to Iro province, the French President was followed everywhere by demonstrators chanting “We are here” and “Macron resign”, some of them throwing eggs and potatoes at the police.

And with the passage of the pension reform law (which raises the statutory retirement age from 62 to 64) and its approval by the Constitutional Council, the protest movement in France continues, with major trade union rallies, more spontaneous, almost daily protests. , especially due to the clatter of pans.

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