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Macron’s popularity drops to lowest level in 3 years

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French President Emmanuel Macron’s popularity has fallen to its lowest level in three years in light of continued opposition to his plan to reform the pension system.

And the Journal du Dimanche published a survey conducted by the Ifo Institute, which showed that only 32% of French citizens are satisfied with the work of the president, two points less than last month.

Macron’s popularity last reached this level in early 2020, when protests against a previous pension reform proposal paralyzed France.

Macron’s recently announced plan, which includes a clause to raise the retirement age from 62 to 64, has sparked protests and demonstrations since January last year.

67% of French people oppose raising the retirement age, according to a poll this week, and unions threatened on March 7 to paralyze France if Macron doesn’t back down again.

There have been recent demonstrations in France, the largest of which was at the end of last month, when about 2.8 million people took to the streets in mass strikes and protests against President Emmanuel Macron’s project to reform the pension system.

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