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Manchester United Manager’s Reaction to Loss Against Liverpool

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Bradley Booth
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Manchester United coach Eric Ten Hag of Holland was acting wicked and strange after his team’s humiliating 0-7 defeat to Liverpool yesterday, Sunday, in the 26th round of the English Premier League.

And according to The Mirror newspaper, Ten Hag forced the Manchester United players to sit silently in the dressing room after the match and listen to the Liverpool players noisily celebrate after the historic sevens.

And the newspaper added that Ten Hag had asked his players to take a close look at Liverpool’s celebration to motivate them to prevent something like this from happening again.

A source at Manchester United told the newspaper: “Ten Hag was clearly angry… Ten Hag warned all the players that if something like this happens again, they will not have a chance with the first team and will be sent to the junior club, 21 year.

For its part, The Sun reported that Ten Hag was angry with his players after the match, adding that the Dutch coach was angrier than ever since he joined the team last summer.

Source: agencies

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