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Many altcoins link to a new ATH like general encryption market He begins to recover

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Gherardo Fiorenzo
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Bitcoin (BTC) is trading in Green though Thursday’s dip, rising 14% over the week. Ethereum (ETH), on On the other hand, it gained 12% over the past week. Most of the market reciprocity, with the global encryption market hat rising By 2.7%, to $1.12. some of Even digital currencies hit they its highest ever at this time.


It was OKB on Fixed rise over the past week. However, it is hit a new ATH after the OKB crypto exchange announced release of OKB series, prof new blockchain in Q1 news led to a 15% increase in the price few hours Later, to hit ATH of $52.8 on Thursday.

While the bulls are trying to pump the altcoin, the bears are trying their best to bring it down back below $50 level. Right now, $50 is the immediate hurdle. like for the next Target, Fibonacci retracement shows It’s at the $65 level. Meanwhile, further rise in BTC can see the altcoin move up Beyond that in the coming weeks.

OKB is trading At $54.8, a rise of 110.45% year to date and 207.63% in the last six Months.


villa token He is trading At $6.90, up 2.3% in the past 24 hours and with a trading amount of $6.06 million. On February 17, the coin hit It’s ATH at $7.65.

the token It was recently airdropped and immediately started performing well. From beta, the token She has 27 million dollars a day trading volume and 11 million dollars total amount in 8 days. the token He was also included on Mexico, and there is a roving airdrop for beta participants. He. She also entered into a partnership with Avalanche. cxt = HHwWiIC82aqm8pItAAAA

Villa exchange also She reduced the gas fee by 50% and stated that she had two to three times as much improvement in UI load speeds for requests and positions on 15. Besides, they work on Constant upgrades to make trading more Streamlined. cxt = HHwWgoDTlZeLgZAtAAAA


OASUSDT. source: commerce view

Oasys (OAS) price At $0.12077, up 9.47% in the past 24 hours. On February 18, A.J token I reached the ATH of $0.13011.

the rise He came after the company behind That, Oasis, announced Exploration was more cooperation in the gaming blockchain world and blockchain-based services earlier this week. Yesterday, it is also partners with Softbank on behalf of bank Web3. in the end of last Company month announced that it plans to list on January 31 and plan to switch to a DAO and thus avoid ‘central’ risk. ”


GMX is trading At a price of 84.86 USD, which is up 10.80% in the last 24 hours. He. She hit It’s an all-time high of $84.93 on Feb 16th.

GMX is the largest protocol on Arbitrum f main reason The platform was huge growth. She has a lion share of the total Value Locked (TVL) on Arbitrum is thriving despite the crypto winter.


SSV network is trading At $35.15, up 2.23% in the last 24 hours. He. She hit ATH on February 16th at $37.21.

Notably, SSV Network received a $50 million ecosystem fund on January 20 to help the platform in creating more staking apps.


break protocol is trading at $5.3, up 0.61% over the last 24 hours. the token reached an all-time high on February 13th at $5.77.

theft token her owners key role in Fracton protocol future Without permission to vote and suggestions. the protocol It is intended to form a liquid market It stands out as a solid force financial infrastructure of NFT ecosystem.


Earnings Network (GNS) is trading At $11.13, a rate of 40.92% rise over the past 24 hours. the token hit ATH on February 17th at $12.48.

GNS rose 111% after its listing on binance in innovation zone. It should be noted innovation area allows users purchase newer icons safely. The day I hit ATH, Binance announced They were GNS/BTC and GNS/USDT on for spot trading on February 17th.


Dejitaru Tsuka (TSUKA) is trading At $0.140426, up 12% in the last 24 hours. the token I reached the ATH on February 16 at $0.15717.

Dejitaru Tsuka is very proud of himself on being decentralized community the focus on research, thinking and meditation. the token It started to gain momentum after the rumors of Its relationship to the Shiba Inu creator. On February 14, her Twitter page revealed that she had reached a level new milestone with over 10k holders and 9k telegram members. cxt = HHwWhoC9yZqzso4tAAAA


bidding token(BGB) is trading At $0.438, up 2.69% in the past 24 hours. the token hit Its all-time high is $0.515471 on Feb 16th.

the token I stayed green for the best of the last year Despite the crypto winter and the collapse of FTX that shook the entire cryptocurrency market. When FTX went down, Bidget exchanged trading Volume increased more from 300%. It was his ATH risingattributed to strategic partnerships, leading products and market expansion.


conical price is $11.56, up 11.22% in the past 24 hours. the token I reached the ATH on February 16th at $12.05.

the token He has a circulating supply of 3.89M CNC with 24 hours a day trading amount of $521,887.00.

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