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Mashhad hotel to serve as temporary location for Saudi consulate in Iran

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The Iranian Foreign Ministry said that the Saudi delegation visiting the city of Mashhad intends to choose a hotel for the temporary accommodation of the Saudi consulate, given that the restoration of the consulate building takes a long time.

In a press statement, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman for the province of Khorasan Razavi (of which the city of Mashhad is the center), Muhammad Beheshti Monfared, explained that Iran and Saudi Arabia are seriously considering the issue of opening consulates as far as the delegation of Saudi Arabia seeks to choose a hotel in the holy city of Mashhad as a temporary place for the work of the consulate, given that the restoration of the building of the consulate of Saudi Arabia requires more time.

Monfared Beheshti added that the Saudi delegation visited a number of hotels in the holy city of Mashhad in order to select one of them as a temporary place for the accommodation of the Saudi diplomatic and consular delegation as soon as possible, taking into account the agreements concluded between the two countries. countries.

Last Thursday, Monfared Beheshti received the head of the Saudi delegation, Nasir bin Awad Al Ghanum, and his entourage at Mashhad International Airport and expressed hope that the Saudi Arabian embassy and consulate in Iran would begin work in the near future.

Fars reported that the head of the Saudi delegation, Nasser bin Awad Al Ghanum, expressed gratitude for the hospitality in Tehran and the holy city of Mashhad, saying that serious communication is needed to resolve the issue of entry visas again, adding: “We are very pleased to reopen the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Tehran and consulate in Mashhad.

And the head of the Saudi delegation continued: “During our visit to Mashhad, we will inspect the site and the building of the consulate in 7 years, as we will inspect the place of stability and residence, and that this visit takes place in the blessed month of Ramadan, which gives goodness and blessings, and we will return in a few days from Mashhad directly to our homeland, and we are waiting for the arrival of visitors.” fraternal countries and Muslims culturally and economically after the visit of two technical delegations, as well as create conditions for the visits of citizens of the two countries, especially Iranians, to Mecca Al-Mukarram and Al-Madina Al-Munawwara and take part in the Hajj ceremonies, the agency reports ” Farce”.

The representative of the Iranian Foreign Ministry in the province of Khorasan Razavi told the head of the Saudi delegation: “We are ready to cooperate with you with all our capabilities, and the choice of a place to work and live is up to you and the delegation accompanying you, and given that the rehabilitation of the former places requires more time, it is quite it is likely that you will choose the Temporary place in order to quickly start the activities of the representative offices of the two countries.

Source: “Faris”

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