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Mayan architecture secrets of longevity decoded by scientists

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Warren Henry
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Scientists have uncovered the secret of the durability of the Mayan buildings that still stand in modern Honduras. notes that the secret to the durability of Mayan buildings lies in the use of different plaster mixtures taken from region to region. For example, the results of the study of mixtures used in Honduras, using electron microscopy and X-rays, showed the presence of organic materials in plaster used in construction.

This aroused the interest of archaeologists, who turned to local builders, descendants of the Maya, for advice, and it became clear to them that in the past, the sap of certain tree species, such as chukum and porservis, which grew in the vicinity of the ancient settlement of Copan, was added to the plaster used in construction.

The results of testing the Mayan stucco recipe showed that the ingredients used in the mixture made the building better able to withstand the high humidity typical of the Honduran climate.

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