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Medvedev ponders South Korean reaction to arming their neighboring country

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Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia Dmitry Medvedev commented on the statement of South Korean President Yun Seok Yul about his country’s readiness to supply weapons to the Kyiv regime.

This is stated in the message of Medvedev on his official channel in the Telegram application, where he wrote:

New people have appeared who are ready to help our enemies. South Korean President Yun Seok Yol said that this country is ready in principle to supply weapons to the Kyiv regime.

And this despite the fact that the South Koreans stubbornly insisted to the last that the possibility of supplying Kyiv with lethal weapons was completely excluded.

What will the inhabitants of this country say when they see the latest developments of Russian weapons from their closest neighbors, our partners from North Korea?

It’s called barter.

One good turn deserves another

Source: Telegram

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