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Medvedev predicts Germany’s loss of long-term leadership in Europe

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Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev expressed confidence that Germany would soon lose its political and economic leadership in Europe for a long time due to the costs of sanctions against Russia.

Medvedev noted that after the introduction of a “lethal” number of sanctions against Russia, Germany should “calculate its own colossal losses.”

He noted that Germany refused to import Russian fuel, but the United States, Norway, the Netherlands and the countries of the Middle East are not ready to supply oil and gas to Germany on preferential terms.

Medvedev said that it is now unclear how the office of the Federal Chancellor of Germany will, blinking innocently, explain to citizens how the German economy has deteriorated in this way.

He stressed that the German government, after it decided to refuse cooperation with Russia in the energy sector, could not find an alternative engine for the country’s development.

And the Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia continued: “At such an accelerated pace, Germany will soon lose its leading positions in the political and economic spheres in a united Europe for a long time. To the delight of other Europeans – France and Great Britain. This means the complete collapse of those political ill-wishers who said that the Germans can live easily .” Without Russia.

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