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Men Spend More on March 8th: A Study

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Moscow, March 8 – Men often associate International Women’s Day with a holiday and spending, and the beautiful half – with bouquets, the sun and a good mood – showed a study of the SuperJob service, the results of which are available to the News Agency.
A survey of 1,600 respondents showed: “Men most often associate March 8 with a holiday and waste, and women – with spring, sun, good mood and bouquets of flowers.”
Selling flowers in Moscow - 1920, 08/03/2023

The State Duma called for a ban on raising flower prices on March 8

The most important thing on this day is the holiday of the fair sex, every fourth is assured. Every March 10th is associated with beloved women: the second half, mother, daughters, girlfriends. For 6%, this day is associated exclusively with joyful events. And also for 6% it is an ordinary day off. Another 6% described March 8 as a very expensive day.
Flowers are one of the main associations of the women’s spring holiday, and tulips are in first place (52%). Mimosa received twice as many votes (26%). Roses come in third place (11%). Moreover, the fair sex was more likely to mention tulips and mimosas as the main flowers of International Women’s Day, while men were more often called roses.
Girl carrying a bag of gifts on the eve of International Women's Day - 1920, 07/03/2023

The most popular gifts for March 8 were selected

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