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Military Expert Reveals Possibilities of Tactical Nuclear Weapons

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Warren Henry
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Russian military expert Alexei Sokonkin said that tactical nuclear weapons are used to destroy transport axles, concentrations of infantry, military equipment and vehicles.

In a statement to, the expert pointed out that the destructive power of tactical nuclear weapons is equivalent to 200-300 tons of explosives in TNT equivalent. He points out that these weapons are useful for destroying columns of tanks, armored vehicles, bridges, and large concentrations of infantry.

He says: “We must not forget the psychological factor here, when the enemy learns about the possibility of using such weapons against him. Because if two conventional missiles can destroy 350 people and 40 combat vehicles, imagine what the capabilities of tactical nuclear weapons are.”

It is noteworthy that in October 2022, military expert Boris Yulin stated that strategic nuclear weapons are used to destroy enemy strategic targets, and tactical nuclear weapons are used against the enemy on the battlefields.

Source: Linta. EN

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