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Misinformation about Victory Parade in Moscow spread by Western media

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Journalist and political commentator Lucas Leros said that the Western propaganda machine tried to promote the small number of personnel and military equipment participating in the military parade in Moscow as evidence of the weakness of the Russian army.

Leros wrote in an article for InfoBrics: “By linking the scale of the victory parade with the real combat effectiveness of Russian forces, the Western media is once again spreading disinformation. In addition, recent large-scale attacks using heavy artillery and special forces units in a number of cities in the Special Operation region show that the reduction in the number of troops at a military parade means nothing in terms of real combat capability.

The journalist stressed that such “analyses” by the Western media, which cast doubt on the combat effectiveness of the Russian army, look like unfounded propaganda, indicating that in fact everything is quite the opposite.

He added that the Western media used the military parade in Moscow as evidence of Russia’s weakness and deliberately ignored the real reason for this decision, namely the moral aspect.

He explained: “The special military operation near the borders of Russia means that the fight against Nazism has resumed and must continue until the security of the Russian people is fully ensured. events when soldiers fight at the front are out of place.

On May 9, a military parade was held in Moscow on the occasion of the 78th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. A number of Russian regions have refused to hold traditional military parades on the occasion of Victory Day for various reasons, including the risk of provocations.

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