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Mohamed Elneni ignites crisis with Mohamed Salah through Instagram post.

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In recent hours, there have been reports that Egyptian star Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool striker, has unfollowed the account of his compatriot Mohamed Elneni, the Arsenal player, via the Instagram app.

Muhammad Al-Nani posted a photo of fellow goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale celebrating Salah’s missed penalty during a 2-2 draw between the two teams in the English Premier League last Sunday.

The picture shows a Ramsdale celebration, in which Salah lifted his shirt, expressing anger that the kick was wasted, making the image offensive to the Liverpool star.

And it turns out that, following the list of personalities that the Liverpool player follows through his account on the Instagram website, which has 218 people, Mohamed Salah is no longer following Mohamed Al-Nani.

On the other hand, if you look at the list of people followed by Muhammad al-Nani on the same platform, it becomes obvious that Salah’s name is also missing from it.

And Muhammad Al-Nani posted a photo with Salah in October last year and wrote on it: “It’s always good to see you my brother”, which drew the admiration of more than 170,000 people, debunking rumors that the midfielder deleted all photos of his compatriot. as reported.

On the other hand, the last photo of Al-Nani in Salah’s account is dated October 12, 2021, when they were together at the celebration of the Egyptian national team.

Notably, the image alleged to have caused the crisis is no longer available on Al-Nani’s social media account.

Salah and Al-Nani share a friendship and camaraderie that has lasted for many years since they played together in the Egyptian Arab contractors, then in Basel, Switzerland and in the Egyptian national teams in various Sunni groups.

The strong relationship between Salah and Elneni continued in the English Premier League, with the former moving to Liverpool in 2017, a year after the latter moved to Arsenal.

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