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More than 470 wounded in Syria follows new earthquakes in Turkey

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470 at least people They got hurt in Syria after latest Earthquakes rocked the Turkish province of Hatay, with 150 wounded in A war observer said on Tuesday that the opposition-held northwest.

About 320 were wounded in Most of the areas controlled by the regime of they in Aleppo, according to the Syrian Observatory for human rights. Most of She added that the wounded had fractures and bruises.

He added, “Hospitals and medical centers have registered so far, according to Al information I received, more of 125 injuries in north- Western Syria after the earthquake that struck the region regionMost of They are injuries resulting from fear, panic, or jumping from buildings or situations of fainting,” head of The Syrian Rescue group tweeted Raed Saleh from the White Helmets.

The Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS) announced that it is supporting five hospitals in Northwestern Syria received several people who He sustained minor injuries, some parts of Damaged buildings fell on them.

In the areas controlled by the regime, there are hospitals in Aleppo also Panic-stricken residents greeted, while six people Injured by the fall of the Syrian rubble news SANA agency said. Al-Razi Hospital in the city of And the city of Aleppo received 47 cases media reports.

We rushed outWe don’t know how we left. I was afraid that we would meet the same fate as those who “She died under the rubble,” said Khadija al-Khalaf, 45.year-old mother in opposition city of He says.

People jumped off Rooftops and balconies of homes while trying to rush into it safety in Monitor northwestern Syria, which is controlled by the opposition group He said.

it was there also Victims from falling debris in The Syrian Observatory, which is based in Britain, said: Salqin, Hareem, Idlib, Khirbet al-Juz and the countryside of Aleppo. for human rights.

And in regime-controlled areas, destroyed buildings fell in al-Midan and al-Jamiliya neighborhoods in Milking the screen added.

buildings also collapsed in the small town of addresses, already hard hit from previous earthquakes, according to a spokesperson for aid organization SAMS.

People were walking around the streets in Many areas, incl in Damascus is afraid of More tremors, the UN High Commissioner tweeted for Spokesperson for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees for The region Rula Amin.

Abdul Kafi – Syrian activist in Northwest Syria said: “It was strong like the first one but why last Long… It scared people and crowds rushed into the streets.” He was referring to the earthquakes on February 6 that killed 41,156 people in Turkey alone.

the official death fees in Syria has a number of 5,900, but it was not updated in days. thousands more feared dead in both of them countries.

In Syria alone, 8.8 million people Damaged by earthquakes, deputy representative of the United Nations for Syria, Najat Rochdi, tweeted on Sunday. Meanwhile, activist Mustafa Dahnoun, from Idlib, told the German Press Agency (dpa). over Phone that “help is still too slow” and that people in the area “we are in awesome need of everything.”

“the world community should work Harder and push for more help us region,” He said.

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