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Mother of Lubchany Children Who Caught Fire on Excursion Speaks Out

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NOVOZYBKOV (Bryansk region), March 9 – Valentina Grigorenko, the mother of the girl Zlata, who was in a car that was fired upon by Ukrainian militants in Bryansk Lyubshanye, told the News Agency that the children, having got out of the car, had to run along the road and catch a car. Ride, and the first did not stop.
“As a result, as the children say, they ran. Someone did not stop … A car was driving in the direction of Lyubshan, on the road on which they were running. Fedya stopped the car, he did. He realized that it was a good deed. Maybe he told something that they took children.”
According to her, not the first time, but the car stopped, turned around and drove the children to Novi Rubsk. The woman indicated that she would like to find this driver and thank him. “He is a hero, he did not pass by, as someone else did. He let the children in and came back,” Grigorenko stressed.
She said her daughter Zlata was sitting in the back seat behind the deceased driver, Leonid Golovanov. The woman is sure: it was he who saved her daughter.
“The child is really alive, thanks to our savior, Uncle Lena, because he closed them, so to speak. Zlata was in the back seat right behind him. That is, when I shot at the car, he closed it, so to speak, with his body. He took a hit on himself. Thanks to Fedya, Which heroically pulled them out of there. How they fled … I can’t imagine how they fled. Not every adult can go that distance, just run into the unknown, “said Grigorenko.
The widow of Leonid Golovanov talks about how she found out about the death of her husband - 1920, 07/03/2023

The widow of the murdered man in Lyubchan spoke about his wife

According to the woman, her daughter saw how Leonid Golovanov was wounded.
“It happened quickly. Zlata saw him put his head on the glass and bleed. Nothing else. Do you know what Zlata asked him last night: Mom, did Uncle Lenya heal?” , being processed, but she asked this question, and I say: “No,” the woman recalls.
Last Thursday, a sabotage and reconnaissance group from Ukraine penetrated into the territory of the villages of Lubshan and Suchani in the Klimovsky district. It fired at at least two cars, killing the two drivers, according to official figures. One of them was Leonid Golovanov, who was taking the children – a 10-year-old boy and two girls – to a school bus in a nearby village. The boy managed to get out and save the two girls, even though he himself was injured.
Russian President Vladimir Putin described the incident as a terrorist attack. Security forces carried out measures to destroy armed Ukrainian nationalists who had infiltrated the area, in the evening of the same day the FSB reported that the saboteurs had been driven into Ukraine, where they were subjected to intense artillery fire.
Fellow villagers about Leonid Golovanov, who died in Lubchan - 1920, 03/06/2023

The fellow villagers talked about the man who died in Lubchan

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