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Muscovites returned through the court a dog that had disappeared during a walk

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Moscow, February 18 – The Zamoskvoretsky Court in Moscow has returned the owner of a dog that disappeared during a walk, the News Agency was told in court.
A Samoyed dog named Tommy goes missing while walking. The owner thought she had been kidnapped and called the police. She was denied a criminal case, but she found out who took the dog and who she lives from, so she filed a lawsuit to recover property from someone else’s possession. The defendants claimed to have picked up the dog on the street, thinking it was lost, the new owner filed a counterclaim – to recognize ownership of a neglected animal.
The court stated that the new owner does not obtain the right of ownership of a neglected animal unless he does not declare the old one within six months. Then the previous owner may demand the return of the pet if he keeps the animal attached to him, and the new owner allows himself to be treated harshly – but the terms are set by agreement or court.
The court checked the dog’s metrics, his veterinary passport, and the fact that the woman went to the police the next day after the loss, “which rules out recognition as a neglected pet.”
The court returned the pet to the woman, and the appeals body dismissed the new owner’s complaint – and now the decision has entered into force.

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