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MX vs. ATV Legends Patch Notes 1.18 Update Today on February 18, 2023

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Warren Henry
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A new update has been released for MX vs. ATV Legends Update 1.18. You can find out all the details of the Game Update, Bug Fixes, improvements, and Patch Notes below. MX vs. ATV Legends Update 1.18 is now available for download, for all platforms, including PS4, PS5, Xbox Series S/X, and PC. The file size may vary depending on the platform.

• Further addressed issues causing additional laps to be counted under some circumstances.
• Improved the accuracy of the tire physics, significantly improving the ability to rail berms and hook up in ruts.
• Reduced instances of wrecks and bouncing when landing or going through whoops or hitting bumps.
• Increased the amount that MX Bikes can lean when in berms and turns, and when scrubbing.
• Fixed the bug causing the vehicle to get stuck in reverse at the start of a race.
• Extended the time before the gatedrop in Online playlist races.
• Fixed the bug causing the same track to appear multiple times in randomized Online playlists.
• Improved Online matchmaking algorithm and reliability of servers.
• Fixed notorious “invisible wall” bug in Overlook National.
• Added 2021 Fox Raceway II track to 2022 AMA Pro Motocross DLC pack.
• Fixed issues causing Best Laps to be recorded incorrectly.
• Added option to Reset Best Time in Event Selection menus.
• Updated all stunt animations and improved all riding animations.
• Added color customization or customizable options for several existing sets of Rider Gear.

• Gameplay: Fixed bugs causing additional laps to be counted under some circumstances.
• Gameplay: Fixed bug causing inputs (particularly reverse) to get stuck at the start of races
• Gameplay: Fixed bug causing controller settings to appear incorrect then become reset
• UI: Fixed minor menu navigation bugs
• UI: Improved performance and quality of thumbnails
• UI: Added option to Reset Best Time in Event Selection menus
• UI: Improved reliability of recording Best Time during Quickplay, Time Trial, and Online races
• UI: Fixed bug preventing Exhibition badges from being displayed when achieving a podium position, holeshot, or hotlap
• UI: Fixed bug causing incorrect data to appear for some ATV parts in the Tuning menu.
• Tracks: Fixed various minor collision and placement issues
• Tracks: Adjusted collision volumes of the tunnel structure on Overlook National track.
• Tracks: Added 2021 Fox Raceway II track to 2022 AMA Pro Motocross DLC pack.
• AI: Implemented improved National AI on 2021 Fox Raceway II and to Rio Del Sol. Additional tracks to follow.
• Online: Extended the time before the gatedrop in Online playlist races.
• Online: improved overall server reliability and reliability of connections to the servers
• Online: improved handling and recovery from bad connectivity to the server
• Online: improved error messaging and notification behaviors
• Online: improved matchmaking algorithm finds the server with the highest population and the least time to the next race, it may take slightly longer to find the best server, this will improve in future updates
• Online: Fixed bugs causing deformation strength to be absent or inconsistent between players
• Online: Added differentiation to the Custom Reset Markers; other players’ markers now appear grey
• Online: Fixed bug causing Custom Reset Markers to remain when a player left an Online Freeride match
• Animation: Updated all stunt animations on MX Bikes
• Animation: Fixed instances of grips clipping handlebars in the Garage and during some animations
• Animation: Improved transitions between animations
• Animation: Improved rider poses and decreased instances where the rider’s legs clip into the bike on MX Bikes
• Physics: Improved accuracy of tire physics model, greatly improving driving behavior when the front wheel(s) is off the ground; reduces bouncing and wrecking in common driving scenarios
• Physics: Improved suspension behaviors in conjunction with wheel physics model changes to improve the feeling of hooking up in ruts and other similar situations
• Physics: Increased the amount of momentum that can be carried into turns; the increased speed may make it difficult to initiate deep turns
• Physics: Fixed additional issues causing “random” wrecks during whoops and jump take-offs
• Physics: Adjusted Seat Bounce forces to prevent it from pushing the vehicle backwards when used at low speeds on a steep incline.
• Physics: Improved calculations and thresholds for determining a vehicle frame collision wreck; disabled frame collision wrecks on UTVs
• Physics: Added a frame collision wreck condition for impacting objects other than the ground
• Physics: Disabled the possibility to wreck when failing to recover from a near-wreck incident
• Physics: Increased the threshold for wrecking when landing while leaning
• Physics: Increased the amount that MX Bikes can lean when in berms and turns, and when scrubbing.
• Physics: Improved terrain deformation ruts feedback at low speeds (0~25mph) on MX Bikes. The ruts have increased effect on the tires, making it easier to establish and maintain grip in corners.
• Physics: Improved mobility during wheelies and stoppies on MX Bikes. This allows the bike to turn/lean while in a wheelie or stoppie without forcing the raised wheel down, enables sharp turns on the rear wheel at lower speeds, or allows the rear wheel to lift up if entering a turn while braking hard.
• Physics: Fixed bug preventing ATVs from coming to a full stop when using Hard Brake tuning parts.
• Physics: Tweaked wheelie torque for ATVs to make it easier to start and maintain a wheelie
• Physics: Reduced bounciness in ATV Stock Suspension tuning part
• Physics: Reduced stiffness and bounciness in ATV Stiff Suspension tuning parts
• Physics: Adjusted UTV physics to ensure that UTVs perform as expected.
• Customization: Added color customization to Alpinestars helmets, boots, and gloves
• Customization: Added Alpinestars Supertech M10 Carbon Meta2 helmet
• Customization: Added Alpinestars Limited Edition Techstar Acumen jersey and pants
• Customization: Added color customization to SlayCo jersey, pants, and gloves
• Customization: Added color customization to Gaerne SG12

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