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My Love, I’m Glad You’re Home Safe After the Siege

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has posted a photo of him embracing his wife Sara as she is locked in a hair salon in Tel Aviv by judicial reform protesters.

“Sarah, my beloved wife, I’m glad you’re safe and sound at home,” Netanyahu wrote. “The chaos must stop, it could cost lives.”

She saw Rayati Haahoba, Shemah Sheshazaret Habitah Beshelom and Lala Paga. Anarchy of Adam’s family.

— Benjamin Netanyahu – בנימין נתניהו (@netanyahu) March 1, 2023

On Wednesday evening, Israeli protesters laid siege to Sara Netanyahu at a hair salon in Tel Aviv.

And the Times website of Israel reported that police were able to remove Sarah from the crowd, noting that outside the hairdresser’s, demonstrators were chanting “The country is on fire and Sarah is styling her hair.”

Earlier Wednesday, Israeli police arrested 39 demonstrators who were participating in protests in many cities, especially Tel Aviv, to protest a law put forward by the government that limits the power of the judiciary.

The government is pushing for bills to limit the power of the judiciary in favor of the legislature and the executive, which the opposition sees as a coup against democracy.

For about two months, there have been mass demonstrations in Israel organized by the opposition to put pressure on the government to withdraw these amendments.

Source: RT

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