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NASA’s Head Announces Supersonic X-59’s Maiden Flight Scheduled by Year’s End

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Warren Henry
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Bill Nelson, head of the US space agency (NASA), said that the first flight of the X-59 hypersonic aircraft could take off from Edwards Air Force Base in California before the end of this year.

And Nelson points out in a congressional Senate hearing that the X-59 hypersonic aircraft, which was invented by NASA, will make its first flight before the end of this year.
He says: “The X-59 will take off before the end of the current 2023.”

According to him, the X-59 could have made its first flight from the Edwards base in California. However, no final decision has been made on this matter.

Nelson points out that the plane has an unusual shape (it has a needle-shaped nose) and should cover the distance from the east of the United States to the west coast there and back in 5-6 hours.

According to available information, this aircraft will be able to fly at an altitude of 17 km from the earth’s surface, at speeds up to 1512 km per hour.

Source: TASS

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