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Neo-Nazis send threatening letters to mosque in Germany

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Mosque in Göttingen city center, Germany city received a message containing Anti-Muslim threats with Swastika and other neo-Nazi symbols on Thursday.

Mohamed Ibrahim Bash, Chairman of the Board of The mosque association said the message contained racism and anti-Islam language The neo-Nazi alias was “NSU 2.0”.

Our mosque community And Muslims in Göttingen is concerned by the constant threats of Violence,” he said, adding that it was second received a threatening message in several months.

in September last yearUnknown suspects also Draw a swastika on mosque wall run Under the Turkish Islamic umbrella group Detip.

“NSU 2.0” stands for the underground National Socialist Party, a neo-Nazi terror group exposed in 2011 that killed 10 people and carry it out Bomb attacks targeting immigrants.

Germany witnessed an increase in racism and Islamophobia in Recent years, fueled by propaganda of Far-right groups are exploiting the refugee crisis and trying to stoke fear of immigrants.

According to the latest Data, the police recorded no less than 610 Islamophobic crimes in 2022 across the country.

Some 62 mosques were attacked between January and December last yearand no less than 39 people injured because of Violence against Muslims.

Numbers also Dozens included of hate crimes against Muslims, intimidation, vandalism and property Damage.

country of over 84 million peopleGermany has second- The biggest Muslim population in Western Europe after France. that it home For nearly 5 million Muslims, according to official Numbers.

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