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Netanyahu Warns of Existential Threat to Israel from Within

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu considered the refusal to serve as an existential danger to Israel after dozens of reservists refused to attend exercises in protest of a judicial coup.

This comes against the background of massive protests at various political and social levels, which Israel is witnessing against the backdrop of a judicial coup.

Netanyahu has asked opposition leader Yair Lapid to keep the army out of political disputes after refusing air force reservists to participate in exercises.

Last night, Sunday, Israeli Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi spoke with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant at the political level about the phenomenon of the widespread abandonment of military training.

Herzi Halevi expressed concern and concern about the phenomenon of widespread refusal to serve in the Israeli army, explaining that this phenomenon is becoming rampant.

Halevi warned both Netanyahu and Galant about the spread of this phenomenon as a kind of protest against judicial amendments that could damage the operational effectiveness of the Israeli army.

Source: RT+i24

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