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New Protest Action Organized by Moldovan Opposition Against Militarization of the Country

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The opposition Moldovan Resurrection Party organized a new protest against the militarization of the country in the capital Chisinau, this time in front of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic.

Yuri Vetnyansky, one of the leaders of the protest, wrote on his Telegram channel: “The Renaissance Party continues a series of actions against the militarization of our country. To show once again that Moldova is a peaceful country, we brought flowers and doves from the Ministry of Defense. We put flowers in barrels of guns at the entrance, and pigeons sat peacefully on the trunks of guns.

According to him, the demonstrators demanded a halt in the supply of weapons to Moldova.

He added: “Our country and our people will not go to war with anyone. Article 11 of the constitution clearly states Moldova’s neutrality. So let’s stick to this neutrality and not be led by the West. Moldova needs peace, a strong economy, investment and an effective social policy.”

The non-parliamentary Renaissance party, to which the deputies from the Socialist Party Alexander Nesterovsky and Irina Lozovan moved, yesterday, on Wednesday, organized a sit-in at the office of the EU Delegation in Chisinau, demanding the neutrality of the republic, as well as opposing the militarization of Moldova.

Earlier, Nesterovsky and Lozovan, together with their supporters, organized a protest action against the violation of the neutrality of the republic near the building of the NATO representation in Chisinau. Meanwhile, Nesterovsky ripped off the NATO flag, printed in large size on cardboard, and doused a similar one with red paint, declaring that “NATO has no place in our peaceful and blessed country” and “should go to the dustbin of history.”

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