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North Korea launches a missile as the United States and South Korea prepare for drills

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South Korea military He said North Korea launched -range A ballistic missile from his capital to the sea off West coast of Japan on Saturday, the day after she threatened to crack down against coming military exercises between the United States and South Korea.

Japanese authorities said it was littered in Waters within Japan’s exclusive economic zone more More than an hour after it was fired, indicating that the weapon was one of North’s largest missile. Tokyo said there were no immediate reports of Damage to ships or aircraft.

north korea first rocket firing Since January 1st comes after Pyongyang on On Friday, he threatened “unprecedentedly consistent and strong” retaliation from South Korea and the United States gear up for annual military exercises as part of efforts to fend off off North Korea’s growing nuclear and missile threats.

Nuclear-armed North Korea launched an unprecedented number of rockets last yearincluding intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of of hit anywhere in The United States while resuming preparations for that it first nuclear test Since 2017.

long saturday-range The missile launched from Sunan area near Pyongyang, South Korea military He said. Sunan is the site of Pyongyang International Airport, where North Korea has carried out most of the operations of Its recent tests of intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida told a news briefing that Japan strongly condemned the launch and lodged a strong protest, describing it as a threat at all. international community.

Ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons of North Korea programs Banned by United Nations Security Council resolutions. Still, Pyongyang says her weapons development Necessary to confront the “hostile policies” of Washington and its allies.

The Allied Nuclear Exercise, called the Deterrence Strategy Committee tabletop exercise, has been scheduled for Wed at the Pentagon and you will be engaged senior defense Policy makers on both sides, seoul defense The ministry said.

The two countries We are also Planning extended field exercises, incl live fire drills, in the coming weeks and months.

It is stationed about 28,500 American soldiers in South Korea as a legacy of The Korean War 1950-1953 that ended in truce instead of a full Peace treaty, leaving the parties technically at war.

Pyongyang may have created a file military Expensive unit with operating new Intercontinental ballistic missiles in Line with recent restructuring of the militarystate media Suggested video footage of the February 9th parade.

That offer was shown more more intercontinental ballistic missiles than ever before, including a possible new Solid fuel weapon, which can help The North deploys its missiles faster in the event of war.

North Korea’s missile launches are often tests of technologies under developmentand it would be noteworthy if Pyongyang claimed it progress with for along way-range Lev Eric A. Easley said: professor of international Studies at Eha University in flood.

The Kim regime might be also Promotes this launch as a response to the United States defense cooperation with South Korea and Sanctions Diplomacy at the United Nations”.

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