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Official Presidential Election Results Declared by Turkey’s Supreme Electoral Council; Second Round Scheduled for May 28th

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Turkey’s Supreme Electoral Council announced the official results, as Turkey’s ruling public association candidate Recep Tayyip Erdogan won 49.51% and Kılıçdaroğlu 44.88%.

The head of the Turkish High Electoral Commission said that the second round of the presidential elections will be held in Turkey on May 28, at which the decision was officially made: “The Commission decided, based on the current situation, when no candidate receives 50% of the votes, to hold a second round of elections. Presidential elections on Sunday, May 28. This will be the first time in Turkey’s history.”

Yanar added that as of 15.15 Erdogan won 49.51% of the vote, and Kılıçdar 5.17%, while the results of more than 35,000 voters who voted abroad have not yet been counted. The counting of votes at polling stations in Turkey has been completed by 100%.

To this, Ahmet Yanar, head of Turkey’s High Electoral Commission, said earlier in the day that 99.3% of more than 192,000 ballot boxes across the country had been counted. As of 09.45 local time (Moscow time), the voting results are 49.4% for Erdogan, 44.96% for Kılıçdaroglu and 5.2% for Ogan.

None of the four candidates: Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Kemal Kilicdaroglu, Sinan Ogan and Muharram Ince, who withdrew his candidacy, could not, since Erdogan is ahead of his competitors, but he did not exceed 50%, and this is the percentage of votes he needs to win a new presidential term for 5 years.

Thus, the second round of elections will take place on May 28, when none of the candidates won 50% of the vote.

Yesterday, Sunday, Yanar said that the process of voting in the presidential and parliamentary elections across the country went without problems. With the onset of 17:00 yesterday Sunday local time.

Sources in the Turkish opposition told the Russian TASS news agency that: “According to preliminary information, the level of participation in the Turkish elections at the presidential and parliamentary levels has reached 93.6%, and this is a record figure.”

Source: RT

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