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OKX Account Leak Triggers Explosive Response from Twitter User

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Gherardo Fiorenzo
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Twitter user is concerned About security and safety of OKX after he shared a screenshot of What appears to be the exchange leaked his account information.

data leak in OKX

he also It claims that OKX, a cryptocurrency exchange based in Seychelles, mishandled and sold its privacy and transaction data apart from running deceptive advertisements.

The disgruntled user goes on To say they got a free non-fungible promise token (NFT) puzzle package after signture up But they haven’t received it yet. Instead, they were given a voucher to avoid commission payment on subsequent purchases.

OKX founder responds to the allegations

In his statement, the user claims that the exchange did not live up For its promises and that the advertisement was a hoax that must be pumped up the number of users. It also confirms that the stock exchange sold private information without permission.

Starr, L.; Founder of OKX Exchange responded to the allegations by saying that they have an open case to examine the customer’s complaint. he also I apologize for Hassle caused And they don’t want to compromise their privacy of their clients.

Tweet regarding customer leaks information He was also published on Dec 24 by a Twitter user. He admitted to receiving an SMS from a fake OKX agent asking him to upgrade his account for access.


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