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Oncologist Reveals Vegetables That May Increase Cancer Risk

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Mary McNally
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Dr. Maxim Astrakhantsev, an oncologist and chemotherapist, said that vegetables grown on nitrogen fertilizers can stimulate the development of cancer.

He says: “There is a long chain of interactions. First, nitrates come with fertilizers to root crops, and this applies, in particular, to potatoes and carrots. After that, part of the nitrates in these cultures turns into nitrites. Under the influence of various enzymes in the digestive system, nitrites are converted into highly toxic nitrosamine compounds. “And very carcinogenic. Based on this, we can say that all products can be considered dangerous.”

The expert emphasizes that the harm of these products is manifested in case of excessive use.

According to him, the reasons for the development of cancer, as a rule, are the excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, since they contain ethanol, which is considered one of the most dangerous carcinogens, as well as smoking, trans fats contained in vegetable margarine. and products used in their preparation, including fast food and sweets.

Source: Izvestia newspaper.

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