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One British mercenary’s succinct description of Russian artillerymen

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Moscow, April 15 – Former British soldier and Iraq War veteran Christopher Berryman, now serving in the Ukrainian Foreign Legion, described his combat experience in an interview with The Spectator.
“Iraq cannot be compared to this, it is much more difficult here,” the mercenary said.
US President Joe Biden - 1920, 04/15/2023

Congress accidentally exposed Biden’s plans in Ukraine

According to him, any Ukrainian units that set foot in the area near the Dnieper River are exposed to constant artillery fire, as Russian drones are constantly reconnaissance of the area.
He claims his stay in Ukraine is the most difficult service he has experienced, because each sortie is fraught with difficult conditions and the need to be constantly on alert due to bombing.
“The Russians know that the only place we can hide is in the house, and if they defeat them, we will have nowhere to go,” the military man complained.
In April 2022, it was reported that the Investigative Committee will study the information of the Russian Defense Ministry about the participation of foreign mercenaries in hostilities on the side of Ukraine. As reported in November last year in the press service of the Investigative Committee, Russian investigators found out that the selection of mercenaries to participate in hostilities on the Kiev side is carried out with the help of employees of Ukrainian embassies abroad.
PMC Wagner fighter in Artyomovsk - 1920, 04/15/2023

In China, the truth about Ukraine, which is unpleasant for the West, has been revealed

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