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Opinion: Communities Without Web 3 Are Destined to Fail

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Gherardo Fiorenzo
Gherardo Fiorenzo is an Italian author with a unique perspective shaped by his experiences in Italy and the US. His thought-provoking articles, short stories, and reviews explore the intersections of language, identity, and culture.

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In recent years, we’ve seen a rise in web 3 technology and the possibility of reconfiguration way Think about it community buildingadvance a new way of creating and exchange value in Decentralized and unreliable environment that traditional Societies can’t match.

With Web 3, communities are not just on social interaction however also on creating and exchange value in Fundamentally different way of the traditional methods. as, traditional societies that are not adapted to changes risk It has become irrelevant and outdated in the long term.

unlike traditional Communities that work often in Silos new era societies built on principles of Openness and cooperation, enabling communities to communicate and collaborate with one post smoothly and creating a network effect that enhance value and impact of the entire ecosystem.

as, traditional societies that are not adapted to changes brought about by web3 technology risk drop behind And in the end it became obsolete.

redefinition community

Web3 redefines community by creating new Forms of social Interaction and collaboration that simply wasn’t possible before. Communities are no longer constrained by physical boundaries or central authority, however instead determined by their common interests and values.

unlike traditional those that often operate within narrow geographic areas, social Or cultural constraints, web communities succeed 3 in Connecting individuals and groups around the world and providing a platform for Innovative and comprehensive forms of social interaction.

Web3 communities are also Redefining value creation and sharing through empowerment new Forms of The economic activity. A few centralized entities no longer have a monopoly on these, but they do instead distributed between community Members, allow for new economic models to appear that is not based on traditional Central structures.

house run opportunities

In the pastoften offered by companies community Primarily as a source of he won. They understood that if they could convince their customers to do so buy a new product, they will make it money.

K resulta lot of they community-building focus efforts on marketing and advertising instead building real feeling of Connect and share with their clients. This approach worked for time, but like market had become more Competition and customers are getting smart, it has become clear those companies need to do more From simply selling products to their communities.

the way Not replaceable token (NFT) communities are fast becoming popular and powerful with traditional Companies and institutions of All kinds of note taking. Increasingly, companies are realizing the value of creating Active and vibrant communities around their products and services. Web3 is just saving new tools and ways to achieve it.

Companies know they can create loyal customers who It just won’t last buy their products however also became advocates for their brand. This can lead for a virtuous cycle of Sharing and growth are strong community feeds business’s successand the company’s successand in In turn, it strengthens community.

In this wayswitching towards web3 technology not just A technical innovation but a cultural one where companies realize the value of building True collaborative relationships with their clients.

All that glitters is not gold

Perhaps the most important aspect of Web 3 communities, though, are that they are built about the idea of community Property. Users are not just consumers of product or service however active participants in the development and creating feeling of Shared ownership and no collective responsibility traditional Communities.

while traditional May societies continue to exist, and may their importance and influence continue decline Web3 communities also continue evolve And the show new opportunities for social, economic and business activity.

Either through cooperation with native Web 3 communities or live launch of their web3 campaigns, more Companies will experiment and try to take advantage of what is currently Missing in traditional Communities.

It might be the opportunity big to miss.

About the author: Kariya Wei is the co-founder of novo, platform for Expand user engagement online And in real life. formerly as head of Producer and devOps at Metis, it has experience in strategy and product management, program Enterprise version management, change and incident management. Kariya holds an MBA from the Schulich School of Business Administration, York University, major in Strategic management and entrepreneurship. In addition, she is a PMP Engineer, AWS Solution Architect, and Scrum Specialization Expert.

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