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Over 340 individuals transported from Sudan to Jordan in a successful evacuation effort

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Moscow, April 24 – More than 340 people from different countries, including nationals of Germany, Iraq and Syria, as well as members of the Palestinian and Jordanian diaspora, arrived on Jordanian planes in the Jordanian capital Amman as part of the evacuation of civilians in Sudan amid ongoing clashes. In this African country, the agency reported. Petra.
According to the agency, four Jordanian planes arrived in Amman, transporting a total of 343 people from Sudan, including citizens of Jordan, Iraq, Syria and Germany, in addition to members of the Palestinian and Jordanian diaspora.
Fighting began in Sudan since April 15 between the Rapid Response Force led by Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo and the regular army. The opposing forces in Sudan exchange conflicting statements about military successes and control of facilities, which ignites a large-scale media war in the media and social networks. On Friday, the two sides announced a truce on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr. The parties are willing to hold it for three days.
According to the Sudanese Minister of Health, the death toll from the clashes in the country has risen to 600. On Sunday, the World Health Organization said more than 420 people were killed and more than 3,700 wounded during clashes between the Sudanese Armed Forces and the Rapide group. reaction forces. According to the Sudanese Medical Association, 256 civilians have been killed and 1,454 injured since the clashes began.
The Sudanese army boards an armored personnel carrier near the Ministry of Defense building in Khartoum.  Archive the photo

The media reported an attack on the prison where the former president of Sudan is being held

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