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Penny Mordaunt Was the First Woman to Ever Offer The Sword to King George III

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A female Member of Parliament gave the Jewelled Sword of Offering to one of the British monarchs for the first time ever.

Penny Mordaunt Was the First Woman to Ever Offer The Sword to King George II I_

Penny Mordaunt, the Lord President of the Council and the Member of Parliament for Portsmouth North, gave it to King Charles III at the coronation ceremony at Westminster Abbey on Saturday.

Following an announcement by the archbishop, the sword was removed from the King’s coronation sword belt for a brief time.

The King then moved forward and extended the sword to the knight.

After then, it was placed on the altar, and Ms. Mordaunt redeemed it by paying “redemption money” for it.

Throughout the ceremony, she wore the sword without its sheath.

The Jewelled Sword of Offering is a powerful symbol representing royal authority and the ability to choose right from wrong.

In the procession that went through Westminster Abbey at the beginning of the Coronation, Ms. Mordaunt carried the Sword of State, which was made in the 17th century. She kept it until it could be traded for the Jeweled Sword of Offering.

Penny Mordaunt Was the First Woman to Ever Offer The Sword to King George III_

On social media, many individuals admired Ms. Mordaunt’s upper body strength and calm demeanor.

One of Penny Mordaunt’s followers on Twitter said, “Regardless of political persuasion, Penny Mordaunt has been impressive.”

Another person complimented her trainer, and a TV personality named Dan Walker said, “Get her in the Olympics.”

Many members of parliament lauded her demeanor as well.

Chris Bryant, a member of the Labour Party, referred to Ms. Mordaunt as “mightier than the sword.” In contrast, Emily Thornberry, also a member of the Labour Party, tweeted, “Got to say it, Penny Mordaunt looks damn fine!” The one who carries the sword steals the show.

In an interview earlier this week, Ms. Mordaunt described the Sword of State as “very heavy.” Despite this, she was confident in her ability to ” handle it,” drawing on the experience she had served in the Royal Navy reserve.

On Saturday, social media users expressed their approval of her dress, which Ms. Mordaunt characterized as “modern” but also giving “a nod to the historical past.”

Ms. Mordaunt was responsible for making the official announcement of the death of Queen Elizabeth II a year ago.

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