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Phoenix Community Capital disappears with Investors’ money

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Gherardo Fiorenzo
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Phoenix Community Capital, a cryptocurrency investment firm with Links to parliamentary groups, they seem to have disappeared from public.

vanishement left Many investors fear losing of tens of thousands of pounds or pounds by weight in Investing and questioning her relationships with APPGs.

Phoenix Community Capital Gold public As an investment and cryptocurrency planner project in the beginning of 2022, with a value of 665 million pounds ($ 800 million) in one a point.

the community sponsored one everyone-party parliamentary group (APPG), and its co-founder Luke Sullivan gave a speech at a second APPG event. he also He appeared as a member of the committee in parliament match-hosted events.

Vanishing of Phoenix Community Capital

The crypto investment firm seems to have vanished from public in September 2022 with that it social media The pages become silent and website Go offline.

the last tweet on Platform official Twitter page was on September 8, 2022. The platform’s “nested” investment portfolios have become inaccessible to nearly eight thousand investors.

some of Looks like Phoenix Community Capital has changed property for new firm run by a certain Dan, who He told the grieving investors that he had no responsibility for them. However, the company will try give some returns.

the new The corporate body, led by Dan, has indicated that they have an estimated 1,000 investors made yields on Their investment of $57 million. In contrast, he lost about 7,400 of About $87 million.

sharing of parliament and the encryption industry

Phoenix Community Capital has donated £5,000 to the APPG subsidiary on blockchain in 2022. Company also She appeared as a partner in the company on APPGs website. The APPG is co-chaired by a Scottish citizen party Rep. Martin Docherty Hughes, who He denied any contact or knowledge of Phoenix.

In a different scenario, Phoenix Community Capital is connected to APPG Group on metaverse and web3 and are headed by Paula El Din, who Praise Sullivan in Speech as an expert is dedicated to community empowerment.

Phoenix Community Capital Strong Links with Parliamentarians, the House of Representatives of Lords and APPGs. invisibility of The company may raise concerns about use of APPG system and the parliament by companies to distance themselves as reputable brands access politicians without much scrutiny.

Deputies and peers have become a target of Crypto industry like government Talks about regulating the industry are taking place.

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