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Pirate Attack Suspected in Disappearance of Captain’s Pleasure Boat in Red Sea

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Nadezhda Rasina, the wife of the captain of the 30 minutes pleasure boat that disappeared in the Red Sea, confirmed to RIA Novosti that the boat was attacked by pirates.

Earlier, Racina reported that a three-seater pleasure yacht was missing in the Red Sea.

She added: “The ship left Saudi Arabia about a week ago and was supposed to arrive in Djibouti by April 19, but did not arrive there and got lost on the way between Saudi Arabia, Eritrea and Yemen.”

Rasina indicated that she had applied to the Russian Foreign Ministry with a request to assist in the search for missing Russian citizens.

Rasina pointed out that the owner of the ship has issued an SOS distress signal and the entire Red Sea coast knows that the ship is lost, but Eritrea does not have sufficient resources to send helicopters and search boats, and the situation in Yemen is difficult. .

Racina said: “The ship was raided by pirates and criminals. And Saudi Arabia accepted this information as fact, but did not provide any details that could help in the search.”

Source: RIA Novosti

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