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PlayStation Productions Teases Possible MediEvil Movie Adaptation: What We Know So Far

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PlayStation Productions Teases Possible MediEvil Movie Adaptation

PlayStation Productions, the branch of PlayStation responsible for film and TV adaptations of popular PlayStation properties, has dropped a hint about their next project. A video on their official website features what appears to be the legs of Sir Daniel Fortesque, the protagonist of the game MediEvil.

The discovery, made by a Twitter user named realradec, suggests that a MediEvil movie may be in the works. Given the game’s popularity and potential for a thrilling adaptation, this seems like a perfect choice.

Twitter User Hints at MediEvil Movie

So I was checking out the new video on the PlayStation Productions Website and my god…are those the legs of Sir Daniel Fortesque?

Could possibly be our first sign that a MediEvil movie is in the works at PlayStation Productions!

A perfect choice for an animated Sony movie

— Radec (@realradec) August 23, 2023

MediEvil offers a vibrant, spooky, and fun setting with plenty of humor. It would be an excellent candidate for an animated or live-action adaptation.

While PlayStation Productions has multiple projects in the works, including a second season of HBO’s The Last Of Us, an Uncharted sequel, a God Of War TV adaptation, and a Ghost Of Tsushima movie, little is known about their progress. The MediEvil show could be next on their agenda, but only time will tell.

Source – realradec on Twitter

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