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Polyansky Alerts NATO Nations of Potential Consequences of Supplying Fighters to Ukraine

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First Deputy Representative of Russia to the UN Dmitry Polyansky said that the supply of combat aircraft by NATO countries to Ukraine would mean the direct participation of these countries in the conflict in Ukraine.

Polyansky added: “Some talk about the possibility of delivering these aircraft to Kiev. I don’t know how true this is. But the delivery of these aircraft will mean a lot, and this will most likely involve the direct participation of NATO countries in servicing airports, because airports are not a lot of.” suitable for this in Ukraine.

The Russian diplomat continued: “Imagine, for example, that these planes take off from Poland, enter Ukrainian airspace, and then return to Poland for maintenance. Would this be considered an intervention by Poland in such a situation? I think so. . .. This is direct participation, so there are too many questions and too little reflection from the West.”

Polyansky repeated that the supply of tanks to Ukraine would not change anything on the battlefield.

The Russian diplomat believes that the Ukrainian regime seeks and is very interested in involving NATO in direct participation in the conflict, “because this is the only chance for the Zelensky regime to survive and continue.”

He said: “There are some politicians in the United States and Europe who cite the need to send an army there and participate in the fighting. But do you understand that this means the beginning of the third world war, because it is about trying to defeat a nuclear country?

The Russian diplomat questioned the level of balance of those who make such calls.

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