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Polygon and Mercy Corps Join Forces to Lift Up Marginalized Communities

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Gherardo Fiorenzo
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Polygon Blockchain network partner with Mercy Corps Ventures, the investment arm of Mercy Corps, provides blockchain solutions to marginalized and low-income communities in developing regions.

partnership for build blockchain solutions for Muhamasheen

ribbed announced the new The alliance, which aims to bring blockchain and Web3 solutions to “traditionally excluded and marginalized regions,” in Blog post on March 2.

for every announcementPartnership focus on Several goals, including submission money for Unlock blockchain pilots up the financial system For residents who do not have bank accounts.

Partnership will also Hackathon funding for tech developers customers service in emerging markets and creating promotions for blockchain bootcamps in Places where Mercy Corps active.

the new The partnership comes just weeks after Mercy Corps Ventures unveiled Crypto for The Good Box II. the organization Creation of the fund to create blockchain-based projects to promote them global financial Inclusion and increased climate resilience.

The beginning of the fund version I started in 2022 and had about 200 applicants.

Encryption comes to the rescue of Disaster victims

Mercy Corps also included in Several cryptocurrency fundraising initiatives community To view help in getting up of The recent earthquake that devastated areas of Turkey and Syria.

the organization She announced that she received a 50/50 split of Almost $60,000 in total Donations made At that time by Binance.

World Bank estimates more from 1.6 billion people Globally lacking the simplest checks, savings or mobile money accounts. In addition, they are need help Access financial services like insurance, loans or mortgages.

the cost of financial Exclusion is high. It affects people’s quality of life, prevent them from saving for the futuregiving them a little protection if they get sick or lose their source of livelihood, leaving it open to usurious and unscrupulous lenders.

Seven of Reference of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) financial Inclusivity as a critical component for improve life of Marginalized people.

Take advantage of Web3 for financial inclusivity

According to Polygon and Mercy Corps, blockchain and Web3 solutions have spawned a lot of The hype, but the under-banked population has yet to feel its impact.

(embed) https://www.youtubecom/watch? v = 8qJWXd48iP4 (/embed)

Although some actual use Most cases exist need more Quantifiable results To make a business case for the technologies. For this reasonslippery elm bark says She is experimenting with web3’s solutions test and developing the evidence base for Promising blockchain innovations that can build financial Resilience in disadvantaged people and communities.

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