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Preparing for Vital EIP and Deneb Upgrade, Ethereum Developers Take Action following Shanghai Meetup

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Gherardo Fiorenzo
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More than a week after the implementation of the Shanghai Upgrade, Ethereum developers Owns set they eyes on Subsequent code changes It affects both the network implementation layer (EL) and the consensus layer (CL).

Ethereum is subject to series of Upgrades to improve scalability, security, functionality, and latest Upgrade activated, Shanghai on April 12th. I entered several codes changes to the blockchain implementation layer for Transaction processing and smart contracts.

According to Ethereum researcher Christine Kim, Ethereum developers They don’t rest on glories and her already He began plotting next Package of improvements.

Kim said that network’s latest All Core Developer Consensus (ACDC) callany took place on April 20 was dedicated primarily to her next promotion, Cancun/Deneb, which they expected to happen later year after series of testnets and audits.

Deneb upgraded to improve the consensus layer

Deneb’s promotion is important update to Ethereum network Which aims to improve scalability, security, and ease of use.

Update is made of Two parts: Cancun, which you’ll focus on on Ethereum implementation layer, and Deneb, which will seek to improve its consensus layer: Fragment of the network Ensures agreement between all nodes on the state of blockchain.

One of the main features of The Cancun/Deneb Upgrade will be the app of Ethereum improvement Proposal (EIP) 4844.

This proposal is made by a new He writes of transaction called blob transactions, designed to enable more Store and retrieve data efficiently on Ethereum.

Blob transactions will allow users store big quantities of data on Blockchain without clogging up the network or pay a high fee.

to test and coordination of implementation of EIP 4844, Ethereum developers devnets have been launched, and are temporary test networks that run the latest code changes.

EIP 4788 and 6914 on schedule of work

In addition to EIP 4844, Ethereum developers Consider many other code modifications for Deneb upgrade.

the first It is EIP 4788, which will enable mistrust access to CL via Smart contracts run on EL. Many expect it to be useful for mask poolsrecovery protocols, and MEV mitigations, among other applications.

last improvement The proposal discussed at ACDC 107, according to Christine Kim, was EIP 6914, which would enable the reuse of index numbers of validators who have left network And it wasn’t active for sometimes.

the developers We expect that this EIP will help reduce never ending increase in checker list Auditors also leave and new That join the network. However, some believe that the complexity of EIP 6914 ensures that the code change is pushed to a file next hard Thorn after Deneb.

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