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Prigozhin Warns of Ukraine Counter-Attack in Artemovsk Region

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St. Petersburg, March 14 – Yevgeny Prigozhin, the founder of Wagner, told reporters on Tuesday that Ukrainian forces are preparing a counterattack in the Artemivsk region, hoping to break through the Wagner Group.
“They are fully preparing. In the Artemovsk region, the plans of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for today are four strikes: two strikes will hit the flanks plus two strikes penetrating our group … They plan, of course, to cut off the Wagner PMC group and thus the tasks we perform in Artemovsk are reduced to zero “.
Now, according to him, Wagner’s units are located in close proximity to the Artemovsk city administration. According to him, about 50,000 Ukrainian military personnel are constantly stationed in the Artemivsk region, including between 12,000 and 20,000 in the city.
“Today, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have prepared additional surprises for us, and these additional blows that they are ready to deliver are about 20,000 more people. It turned out to be about 70,000, but this does not mean that they are all within Artemovsk,” Prigozhin explained.
He explained the fierce battles for Artemovsk that this city at this stage of the special military operation is the “assembly point” and “the place where the armies meet.”
Artyomovsk is located in the Kiev-controlled part of the DRC, north of the large city of Gorlovka, and is an important transport hub for supplying the Ukrainian grouping of forces in the Donbass. Fierce battles going on for the city.
Landing of marines during exercises in the Crimea - 1920, 02/28/2023

The decisive battle for Russia is scheduled to take place in the spring

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