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Pro-Government Protesters Converge at Pakistan Army Headquarters in Large Numbers

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Islamabad, May 15 – Thousands of supporters of the ruling coalition in Pakistan arrive at the rally near the country’s Supreme Court building, according to a the News Agency correspondent.
Crowds of demonstrators gathered in front of the building in anticipation of speeches by government party leaders led by the head of the Pakistan Democratic Party and leader of the Muslim Scholars Council, Maulana Fazlur Rahman, and the first vice-chairman of the Pakistan Muslim League, Maryam Nawaz. Sherif.
Pakistan’s 13-party government coalition earlier on Monday announced the extension of a protest rally outside the country’s Supreme Court building that turned into a sit-in against the country’s “preferential treatment” of Justice Movement leader Imran Khan. According to the Express Tribune, the management committee has begun building tents and toilets.
In the past week, massacres and riots have broken out in Lahore and other cities in Pakistan following the arrest of Imran Khan. With the decision of the Supreme Court, Khan was released on bail.
Local media reported that the former prime minister and his wife received 5 billion rupees and tens of hectares from Bahria Town Real Estate Company in Islamabad in return for defending the company in a money laundering case. According to reports from Islamabad, Khan’s wife has been released on bail.
Police disperse protesters in Lahore - 1920, 05/10/2023

Nearly 1,000 detainees were arrested in the Pakistani state of Punjab after Khan’s arrest

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