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Protecting Children from Disease with a Mother’s Love

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Mary McNally
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Scientists from California, USA, have proven that lullabies sung by mothers help overcome stress, normalize heart rate, and promote blood oxygenation (blood oxygenation) in children.

The sound of a mother singing to put her baby to bed lowers her pain levels and calms her heartbeat.

The experiment involved 116 young children in the pediatric intensive care unit and their mothers. Every day, mothers recited well-known lullabies for 15 minutes while the infants were being treated while scientists measured the infants’ vital signs. From this, they were able to draw several important conclusions: one session of the mother’s singing cleared the child’s fever or reduced its heart rate by 12 beats per minute (from a high heart rate to almost normal), and this contributed to an increase in blood in children. after the end of the session, oxygen saturation decreased by 3.9%. This is important, because in this way the excessive stress experienced by children during treatment is removed, and the internal organs receive more nutrition.

And the well-being of 81.3% of newborns improved under the influence of mother’s singing during the first five days of hospitalization.

Another curious phenomenon was also observed: in general, it was shown that female infants are 6% more sensitive (in terms of oxygen saturation) to “maternal treatment” compared to male infants. Science has yet to explain this.

Previous studies on preterm infants have confirmed the phenomenon of short- and long-term exposure to mothers who sing lullabies to their babies, even if the babies were forced to listen to pre-recorded lullabies. This form of treatment facilitated subsequent breastfeeding and child development.

Source: Komsomolskaya Pravda

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