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Raisi Urges Immediate US Withdrawal from Syria and Swift Recovery for Displaced Communities

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Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi stressed “the need for Syrian sovereignty over all its lands”, emphasizing that “the Americans must leave it immediately.”

Ibrahim Raisi said in an interview with Al-Mayadeen TV: “The Americans and the Zionists had high hopes that Syria would collapse and that they would break through the front line of resistance”, continuing: “Iran is perhaps the only country that supported the regime in Syria and stood in the face of the Takfirists and in opposition to countries seeking partition. The Lebanese Hezbollah and Iran helped prevent the partition of Syria.

Raisi added, “Many countries in the region and the world have realized that Syria will not fail or lose, and therefore reconsider their relations with it,” noting that “Tehran welcomes the restoration of relations between the Syrian government and various countries of the world, especially in the countries of the region.”

He continued, “Relations between Iran and Syria are strategic and important, and they will continue … my visit to Syria takes place within the framework of strengthening and developing these relations in all areas.”

And the President of Iran continued: “We have always stated that we do not regret and will never regret the strengthening of the front of resistance.”

Raisi continued: “We emphasize the need for Syrian sovereignty over all its lands and believe that the Americans must leave it immediately.”

And he continued: “With regard to the reconstruction of Syria, we are ready to cooperate with the Syrian people and government,” stressing that “Syria must be restored quickly, the displaced will return, and the situation will return to normal.”

Raisi added: “We extend the hand of friendship and cooperation to any country that wants to cooperate with us, and we are ready to do business with all countries, whether in our region or beyond.”

Source: “Al-Mayadeen”

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