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Real Madrid Coach Ancelotti Addresses Fans with Passion after Ceding League Title to Barcelona

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Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti, manager of Real Madrid, sent a fiery message to merengue fans after losing to Real Sociedad in the Spanish league.

Real Madrid offered Barcelona a valuable opportunity after the two widened to 14 points in La Liga, where Real Madrid finished second with 68 points and Barcelona led the way with 82 points.

Thus, if Barcelona wins over Espanyol in the next meeting, it will officially become the crown of the Spanish championship.

Ancelotti’s fiery address to Real Madrid fans after dedicating the league to Barcelona

Ancelotti said at a press conference after the meeting: “A message to the Real Madrid fans: I will say that we will compete in what comes next. I hope to win the remaining titles (Copa del Rey and Champions League).

He continued, “We are in for a very important moment. We have to get better in order to correct the mistakes we’ve been making lately. Are we concerned? I don’t think so. We want to win the cup final and then focus on Europe.

And he added: “The first half was good, then we conceded the first goal, and then it became difficult. We started the second half badly and hopefully this defeat will be our last.

And the Real Madrid coach continued: “Injuries? Nothing special will happen in Saturday’s game, almost everyone will return. The only one who won’t be with us is Mindy and the rest will be back and everything will be fine again. I think everyone will be available for Saturday’s game.

And he stressed: “Are you preparing for the King’s Cup and the Champions League? I think what happened recently is not the best way to prepare for the game against Osasuna on Saturday, and also for the Champions League. Losses are always troubling, it’s not the best way to prepare for what’s to come.

And he added: “It is clear that the final match (King’s Cup) is in the minds of the players. As well as the semi-final match (against City), and this affects the concentration during such matches. When you don’t have good focus, you are bound to incur losses.

Qatari giant battling for victory over Modric inclusion

He continued by saying, “Modric? We will evaluate his situation these days, but we will not risk it. He has a chance to play on Saturday.

He continued, “Militao’s recent mistakes? He has to get up and focus.

He added: “I am convinced that we will see another team with maximum concentration during the match on Saturday and also on Tuesday. The team will be ready to win the final and reach the Champions League final. This team is very special and they only go through temporary difficult moments and they will be back to their best form again.

And he concluded: “The league this season is very bad? We have lost continuity and lowered the bar. Luckily we have a couple of competitions we can enter to see if we can fix this season with them.

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