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Real Madrid coach makes shocking claims about Salah and Liverpool ahead of Champions League match!

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Fans of the round witch around the world are waiting for the fiery match between Real Madrid and their English counterpart Liverpool in the quarter-finals of the 2023 UEFA Champions League.

The Royal Club meets the Reds at the final price of the Champions League, 9 months after the final of the 2022 edition, which also brought them together and ended with a victory for Real Madrid with a goal without answer, which was crowned as a result of the Champions League.

Date of Real Madrid vs Liverpool in the Champions League

Real Madrid will be a heavy guest at Anfield, Liverpool’s stronghold, in the quarter-final of the European Champions League, due to start tomorrow, Tuesday, at 10 am sharp. evening, Cairo time.

Real Madrid coach makes shocking claims about Salah and Liverpool ahead of Champions League match!

Italian manager Carlo Ancelotti, Real Madrid coach, spoke during a press conference before the match against Liverpool, saying: “We have the same desire to do well in the Champions League as we did last year. Together we are talking about repeating the same thing. difficult achievement, and we have the same desire.”

And about Benzema’s position, he explained: “He is in good health, he will play against Liverpool. He gives us enthusiasm in the Champions League, and everyone has the desire to repeat the same.”

He touched on Klopp’s statements: “I agree with him that the Champions League final was very even. Liverpool had better possession, but Real Madrid scored the decisive goal. be done.”

He added: “We haven’t changed… We know what’s in store for us in Liverpool. They’ll push us and they’ll push, but we’re ready.”

And he continued: “Vinicius loves to play football anywhere. We are pleased to see a player of this level playing football, as we are pleased to see Pedri, Xavi, Mbappe, Haaland and others.”

He added: “I have good memories of Anfield, but Liverpool have gotten stronger and better.”

Regarding Toni Kroos’ injury, Ancelotti added: “Perhaps Valverde will be his replacement. I’m thinking about it, but I’ll think about it until tomorrow.”

And he continued: “Kroos is not participating because he is injured.. We need to get used to it, and it worries me, because he is a great player, but the substitutes who have replaced him in recent matches have performed well and we must give them more confidence.”

And he continued: “Modric has shown that he deserves a new contract. He develops and improves after the World Cup, he has amazing qualities and a desire to stay at Real Madrid.

Regarding the pressure plan that Liverpool are relying on, he stressed: “We defended well after the World Cup and got away with it. The team defended well before and of course this will be our key moment in tomorrow’s match.”

The Royal Club coach concluded: “I can’t tell you what bothers me at Liverpool but they have players like Salah, Van Dijk and Nunez… So I’ll tell you what Real Madrid are worried about Liverpool the most.” and also what concerns Liverpool. most of all – Real Madrid.

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