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Real Madrid Stunned by Valverde’s Penalty prior to Clash with Chelsea in Champions League Quarter-Finals.

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Spanish press sources said Spain’s National Anti-Violence Committee met today, Monday, to impose a fine on Uruguayan midfielder Federico Valverde before the match against Chelsea.

Which, if it were officially announced, would have missed the Uruguayan from the green rectangle with the Royal Club for a long time in the coming period.

Valverde crisis and Villarreal player Alex Baena after the match between the two teams

The match between the two teams has ended La Liga Villarreal’s victory over Real Madrid (3:2), and this was not the only crisis for Real Madrid, as Valverde attacked Baena after the match.

The incident between the two players took place in the garage of the Santiago Bernabéu stadium, according to what was confirmed by Spanish press reports, before the latter boarded the Villarreal team bus.

The reports also revealed that the reason behind Valverde’s attack on Baena; The latter had previously made fun of the Real Madrid player’s family, but Baena denied the news.

Baena filed a complaint against Valverde at the Castellón police station on the Sunday afternoon after the match in connection with the assault he suffered from Valverde.

Valverde’s penalty shocked Real Madrid ahead of Chelsea’s Champions League quarter-final match.

The Spanish newspaper Marca reported in a report that today, Monday, Spain’s National Committee to Combat Violence met to discuss the Valverde case.

And the paper went on to say that the committee had decided to refer the Valverde penalty case to the Spanish Football Federation’s Competitions Committee to deal with it purely sportingly.

She added that the competition committee will meet next Wednesday to discuss many issues, the main one being Valverde’s case with Baena.

Valverde is expected to be penalized with a four to 12 match absence for Real Madrid in the coming period, the paper said.

In the event that his suspension is formalized for 12 matches, this means Valverde will be out of Real Madrid until the end of the current season, including the Copa del Rey final against Osasuna.

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