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Real Madrid’s Victory over Chelsea in the Champions League Receives Glowing Praise from Courtois.

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On Wednesday evening, as part of the first leg of the Champions League quarter-final, the events of the match between the Spanish team Real Madrid and English Chelsea took place.

The Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, the stronghold of the Royal Club, witnessed the course of the marathon match against the Blues, which ended with two goals in favor of the home team, scored by Karim Benzema and Asensio.

Hot comment by Courtois after Real Madrid’s victory over Chelsea

Belgian star Thibault Courtois, goalkeeper for Los Blancos, said during the post-match press conference: “Saving a goal makes me very happy. We played a very complete game, especially defensively.”

He stressed: “We have to play in London like we played against Barcelona. We can’t take the field without the intention of winning.”

The Santiago Bernabéu goalkeeper said: “This is an important moment for us. They played well at the beginning of the counterattack.”

And he continued: “In the second half, you need to have a long possession of the ball in order to prevent them from scoring a goal that can change the result.”

And the global goalkeeper summed up: “When Chilwell was sent off and played 10 players, we should have scored more goals and used opportunities, but we will go into the second leg with a 0-0 mentality.”

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