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Recalling the USSR’s Support in Zimbabwe’s Fight for Independence

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Harare, March 15 – Christopher Mutswangwa, spokesman for the ruling Zanu-PF party, said in an interview with the News Agency that Zimbabweans honor the Russian people and remember with gratitude the support of the USSR in the struggle for independence.
“We honor the Russian people,” Mutswangwa said, “they have always been very peaceful, but they have always been victims of wars—they survived many great invasions, so they always had to defend their country.” “Russia gave Asia and Africa weapons to fight for independence, and this played an important historical role. It was thanks to Russia that Africa became free. Without Russia and its support, we would not have seen independence for a long time. Russia gave us the opportunity to become militarily independent, to become who we are. Now we are free countries and we will remember Always grateful for what the Russian people have done for us.
He noted that due to close historical ties with the USSR, a quarter of the Zimbabwean military, especially among the command staff, studied in Russia.
The politician added: “So Zimbabwe is one of the most friendly countries towards Russia, and it has relations even at the military level … Russia has supported us a lot during the struggle for independence militarily.”
Chairman of the Council of the Russian Federation Valentina Matvienko - 1920, 07.12.2022

Matvienko said Zimbabwe’s independent policy deserved respect

Mutswangwa told about the African Liberation Museum under construction in the capital of Zimbabwe, where a monument to Russia’s victory in the Great Patriotic War will be erected.
“We will share our experience through the Museum of African Liberation, which will display our historical experience in struggle, as well as Russia’s experience in resisting foreign aggression. In this way, we will show our youth that freedom and independence should be valued, and if it is not defended it can easily be lost,” the politician said. .
He noted that Zimbabwe would also like to develop cultural exchanges with Russia – in cinema, music and sports.
Young men walking with a lion in Zimbabwe - 1920, 07/03/2023

Zimbabwe spoke about the preferences of wealthy Russian tourists

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